Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies for Kids

Young children's minds are like sponges, absorbing knowledge quickly and effortlessly and motivated by what they are taught. As a result, it is the responsibility of all Muslim parents to begin teaching their children about their faith when they are young. This course is constructing the foundation for a sturdy faith that will safeguard them for the rest of their life.

In the Islamic studies course, what will I learn ?

This lesson is particularly beneficial for youngsters and new Muslims, as most adults have learned about Islam and its importance from their families. This course will assist students in gaining a basic understanding of their faith. The Islamic Studies course includes formal Islamic education, and our teachers will provide knowledge on morals, religion, and traditions to both men and women.

Islamic Studies

Islamic education is required for our children to internalize religion regardless of where they live in the world. Islam is not just our identity but a designated way of life, so we should learn about our faith and teach it to our children to protect their future. Islam teaches us an entire way of life, and Muslims are to live their lives following Allah's teachings. If you want your children to be genuine Muslims, you should assist them in learning about their beliefs so that they may understand and apply them in their daily lives.

The following are a few of the topics covered in this course.

  • Six Statements of Faith
  • Daily routine prayers
  • Method of wudu (Ablution), Salah (Prayer)
  • Obligations of Wudu (Ablution)
  • Obligations and precondition of Salah
  • Islamic month’s names
  • Prophets name
  • Islamic manners
  • The program equips you with the necessary religious knowledge. We rarely have accurate information to pass on to our children, which leads to confusion. As the importance of religion is not at the back of their minds, all the forms of prayers become just rituals. Our Islamic Studies course ensures that we can understand the fundamentals of our religion.