Tajweed Qaida Course

Fundamentals of Tajweed

We have aimed to enrich as many lives as possible by providing online Quran lessons for kids and adults. The beginning of any education begins with learning the language of the text. We at quranclasses.uk offer courses that can help you with your recitation and pronunciation; whether you are a man or a woman, we have a teacher for you. Our Quran teachers are available whenever you want them for a one-to-one session.

Tajweed Qaida course

Learning the proper recitation is essential; reading each letter brings blessings from Allah, which explains why we need to learn the Quran with Tajweed. In this course, the Quran is taught to be read with proper recitation and helps improve the student's Arabic accent; this brings fluency in the recitation. When students understand the words and their pronunciation, they can improve their recitation.

Tajweed Qaida Couse is a fundamental course that’s is taught at the beginning level. In this course, we will teach you the basic to advance rules of Tajweed with the correct pronun
- ciation of the Arabic words. After completing this course, the student is able to read the Quran Words.

The following chapters are taught in the Tajweed Qaida Course

  • Individual letters
  • letters
  • Harakaat
  • Tanween
  • Letters of Maddah
  • Vertical Harakaat
  • Letters of Leen
  • The Letters of Qalqala
  • Advance ruling of Sukoon (Jazm &      Tashdeed)
  • Rules of Noon Sakinah and Tanween
  • Rules of Meem Sakinah
  • Advance ruling of Raa, Laam, Alif
  • Advance ruling of Maddat
  • Advance ruling of Additional Alif
  • Advance ruling of Pause (Waqf)
  • Advance Miscellaneous rules
  • Details of Tajweed Qaida Course

    Tajweed is taught from the basics, and the student’s then move on to advanced levels. The start of the Quran learning is from the fundamentals that gradually advance to starting the Quran reading course. This course lays the foundation by teaching students how to pronounce the alphabets and then move on to more complex and challenging words. The sounds created by signs, better known as "Harakat," are sometimes challenging to create, and that's why a teacher is required to make sure the student understands the sound correctly. Through practice and repetition, a teacher helps the students learn the sounds. Our Tajweed Qaida course teachers ensure that no consonant up or down is ignored when a student produces a sound to create a word. When students finish the Qaida and level one of our courses, we teach them the rules we must remember when reciting the Quran. Many types of endings need to be remembered by the students. Regular repetition and tests make sure students remember the details. Like any other language, specific exceptions need to be remembered. At this level, we make sure the student recognizes all the rules, regulations, and exceptions for the best recitation. Connect with us for five days of Trial sessions FREE!